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Renewable Energy Wood Powered Camping and Emergency Stove



Pull out tongue (fire shelf) by about an inch. Crumple 2 bits of paper (3 x 6 approx) or some dry grass and pop them down the top. Place10 matchstick width pieces of kindling on top. Light the fire from any hole.


Feed the fire with twigs and sticks by placing them on the fire shelf and pushing them in as they burn, leaving the lower half of the tube empty under the fire shelf.

Keep pushing sticks in as you are cooking.

To increase temperature pull tongue out a little.

To put stove out, simply stop feeding the fire or cover the feed/air inlet for a few seconds.


After heavy use, you may like to refresh your DK Rocket with a coat of stove black, heat resistant paint or alternatively, treat it as cast iron cookware and wipe it with vegetable oil whilst hot.


MOST IMPORTANT OF ALL..... HAVE FUN WITH YOUR DK ROCKET and send us a pic of where you have used it. If you check out you tube, there are links to see how to light your DK Rocket and lots of other fun cooking ideas like instant bread and you can also see the smallest rocket stove in the world , made to the same design as yours just a lot smaller, working.

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This product is a Registered Design with the Patent Office. Registered Design 4029759, International Design Classification LOC (07) Ci. 07-02




SIZE: 350 x 250 x 200 mm

WEIGHT: 4 Kilos approx.

CONSTRUCTION: Robust steel construction and finished in black heat-proof paint.

PRICE: 48.00 excl. delivery

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01884 855888 or 0777 300 6743

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Made in Great Britain





It is a simple style of stove, with a feeder pipe for small pieces of wood and a vertical chimney, which makes efficient use of fuel by giving it plenty of air.

The rocket stove is designed to "self-draft". The feeder tube is split in two, with the air coming in pre-heated BELOW the fuel (typically wooden sticks).

The DK Rocket Stove is designed so it is moveable from your garden to a mountain top or a beach but can easily be further insulated if you are going to keep it in one place for a few days, by earth, clay or rocks. Then it is even more efficient.

perfect for patio and camping!

be prepared for any emergency!

Technology from the past

Improved in the present

Ready for your future


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The main principle of burning wood in an enclosed space with a pipe or tube to extract the gas and heat has been used for thousands of years in particular by the Romans in there hypocaust heating systems But it has taken until now to make this technology portable

Renewable energy heat source for heating and cooking the greenest way to cook

If the lights go out tomorrow you will be ready












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